It's never been so simple!

Chirripo makes it possible to add a cool setup of Docker containers to any existing php application by simply adding a composer package

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What is Chirripo?

Chirripo is the name of the tallest mountain in Costa Rica and it's also the name of this cool tool that we have created to simplify your Docker environment setup.


Lot of features that you will find very useful for your projects

Feature complete set of starting services

The basic set of containers is pretty complete for almost every need

Optional services

You can easily add additional services like Apache Solr, Memcached, Selenium, Varnish, Mailhog and Blackfire


There are a lot of customizations that can be done by simply changing variables in a .env file

Xdebug enabled on demand

Xdebug can be easily enabled when needed by simply changing one variable in .env file

Advanced customizations available

Advanced users can customize it even more by using a docker-compose.overrides.yml file

A lot of useful commands

There are a lot of useful commands included and we can add more as needed

Contributions are welcome!

Please use the project, fork it, and submit PRs. We will review them soon!